Emissions measurement is the process of measuring the amount of pollutants, in a gaseous or particulate form, being emitted to the air from a specific source, such as an industrial process.

The gas stream can be measured before and after a pollution control device to determine how efficiently it captures pollutants. Measurements can be taken over a short time period (e.g., hours), often referred to as a source test, or with methods that measure on a continuous basis, often called continuous emissions monitoring. Either way, it is important obtain data from samples that are representative of the emission stream using methods that are reliable.
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Managing climate change with technology is just the first step. IoT does much more than just keep score. iLotusLand collects, analyzes and provides actionable climate data. It will cut waste by improving the flow of people, energy, goods, and information. The software and its specific usage will continue to be adapted as more data is gathered and analyzed. And of course, it can be aligned as researchers and leaders reach new consensus on the action we need to take to protect ourselves against rising temperatures and dangerous climate conditions.
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Measurements of emissions can be used to understand the relative importance of a given source compared to other sources and in developing emissions inventories. Emission measurements also are used to determine compliance with regulations limiting the amount of pollution that a source may emit. Also, the performance of control strategies can be assessed.
Success Stories

Quang Ninh DONRE

The Quang Ninh Department of Natural Resources and Environment is a specialized agency assisting the provincial authorities of Quang Ninh in the management of natural resources and the environment, including land; water resources; mineral resources, geology; environment; hydrometeorology; effects of climate change; measurements and mapping.

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The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Natural Resources and Environment is the specialized agency for the management of natural resources and environment, including land, water resources, mineral resources, geology, environment, hydrometeorology, climate change, cartography, integrated and unified management of sea and islands, managing and organizing the implementation of public services related to the Department’s functions.

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The Department of Natural Resources and the Environment in Hanoi is responsible and authorized for activities related to water resources, minerals, environment, hydrometeorology, remote sensing, publications and reporting and the application of information technology. Their work in this regard has a highly regulatory component..

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