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Deploying Ambient Air Monitoring Software in Ninh An, Ninh Hoa, Khanh Hoa

Posted on November 27, 2021

With the strong economic and social development, ensuring a healthy life for the people is one of the top priorities for any locality nationwide. In recent years, Ninh An Commune, Ninh Hoa Town, Khanh Hoa Province has been facing the impacts of air and landfill emissions causing environmental pollution, seriously affecting the health of the local residents. Therefore, authorities have been making efforts to implement control measures and ambient air monitoring. This allows for timely handling of alert situations while meeting the strict regulations of the Khanh Hoa Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

Ninh Hoa Town - A pearl amidst coral reefs

If Nha Trang is likened to vibrant coral reefs, then Ninh Hoa is considered the pearl of Khanh Hoa's coastal region. Situated in the coastal plain of South Central Vietnam, Ninh Hoa is an ideal destination within Khanh Hoa Province. Geographically, Ninh Hoa borders the East Sea to the east, M'Drak District in Dak Lak Province to the west, Dien Khanh District and Nha Trang City to the south, and Van Ninh District in Khanh Hoa Province to the north.

Ninh Hoa is a diverse tourist destination in Khanh Hoa, with numerous famous landmarks and historical sites. The terrain ranges from the coastline, rivers, and streams to mountains and forests. With a mild climate, Ninh Hoa has attracted a large number of both local and international tourists. Moreover, Ninh Hoa is an ideal destination for those who love culinary exploration, offering unique and enticing dishes typical of the South Central region. Famous dishes such as Ninh Hoa-style fish noodle soup, Ninh Hoa-style spring rolls, and Ninh Hoa-style rice pancakes all boast distinctive and appealing flavors.

Thị xã Ninh Hoà - Khánh Hoà
Ninh Hoa - Khanh Hoa

With diverse attractions and a rich cultural and culinary scene, Ninh Hoa is an attractive and discoverable tourism coordinate for all travelers. The majestic beauty and stunning landscapes here have created lasting impressions of Ninh Hoa in the eyes of tourists, affirming its position in Vietnam's tourism industry.

Environmental situation in Ninh Hoa

In recent years, the issue of waste pollution has persisted in Ninh An Commune, Ninh Hoa Town, subjecting residents to negative impacts. The visible dumping of landfills, the indiscriminate use of lime and disinfectants, and the unprocessed leakage of waste water pose potential risks of environmental pollution and disease. Improperly treated landfills have led to severe water and air pollution.

Furthermore, environmental pollution in Ninh An, Ninh Hoa, originates from waste and exhaust emissions from factories and industrial zones. Factories using coal in their production processes are causing significant environmental harm. Residents in the vicinity experience difficulties such as suffocating air, pungent odors, breathlessness, and dizziness every time these factories operate. Local residents have raised concerns to the authorities regarding the need for a reassessment of waste control and treatment processes at these factories.

As a town focusing on tourism development, Ninh Hoa is enhancing its environmental monitoring capabilities, especially in industrial zones, waste water sources, and exhaust emissions, to prevent comprehensive environmental pollution. The Khanh Hoa Department of Natural Resources and Environment is also prioritizing ad-hoc environmental monitoring to detect and respond to environmental pollution incidents in towns within the province.

Ninh An Commune, Ninh Hoa, collaborates with iLotusLand to implement ambient air monitoring software

To protect the air quality for local residents, monitoring and managing the surrounding air is a crucial task. The air monitoring system needs to adhere to the correct procedures to reduce environmental pollution and meet the stringent regulations of the Khanh Hoa Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

With the goal of establishing a modern and comprehensive ambient air monitoring and management system, Ninh An Commune, Ninh Hoa Town, collaborates with iLotusLand to install ambient air monitoring software. This system aims to provide information and data on the current status and changes in air quality, enhance warning and monitoring capabilities, and transmit and report monitoring data directly to the Khanh Hoa Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

Lắp đặt trạm quan trắc không khí xung quanh tại xã Ninh An - Ninh Hoà
Installing ambient air monitoring system in Ninh An - Ninh Hoa

Current situation

Type Value
Software used iLotusLand for Environment – On Clound
Number of monitoring stations 01

Through the measurement process, the system analyzes various parameters such as Pressure, Humidity, NOx, PM10, Benzene, Wind Direction, NO2, SO2, Radiation, H2S, NH3, Wind Speed, CO, Mercaptan, O3, Temperature, Rain Intensity, NO, and PM2.5. These monitoring indices will be continually transmitted directly to the software to enable the detection and resolution of hazardous air sources, especially in situations that cause environmental changes, affecting the quality of life in the surrounding area. Simultaneously, this data is transmitted to the Khanh Hoa Department of Natural Resources and Environment to manage the ambient air situation in Ninh An Commune, Ninh Hoa.

Hình ảnh bên trong trạm quan trắc
Image inside the ambient air monitoring station

Collaborate with Ninh An Commune, Ninh Hoa is our honor

The iLotusLand data management software allows accurate real-time monitoring anytime and anywhere through smart devices connected to the Internet. Therefore, users can save a significant amount of time and resources in monitoring, detecting, and addressing issues as they arise.

iLotusLand is an intelligent and convenient environmental data management solution that applies IoT (Internet of Things) technology. We provide the number one automation solution in Vietnam. With over 9 years of experience, we lead the Vietnamese market in applying IoT technology to environmental data management and monitoring. We are delighted to offer our real-time and efficient environmental data management system to numerous domestic and international companies and enterprises.

Once again, iLotusLand is honored to be in partnership with and accompany Ninh An Commune, Ninh Hoa Town, Khanh Hoa Province!

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What’s next?

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The Center for Land and Industrial Development is an organization established to manage and develop land and industrial estates in a specific region. They are responsible for attracting investments, land management, providing infrastructure, and promoting economic development in that area. Importantly, these centers have close relationships with the environment, such as local environmental management and protection, water and waste treatment, promoting green technology, and enhancing public awareness. In Thang Binh district, industrial zones often generate a significant amount of wastewater and waste, so it is necessary to develop a monitoring system for wastewater and waste treatment to ensure that they do not harm the environment.
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In recent years, the rapid development of tourism in Khanh Hoa has brought positive changes to the economy and society. However, this development has also given rise to many unsustainable factors and put pressure on the natural environment. Many tourism activities have led to an increase in waste, adversely affecting the environment. After assessing the current situation and identifying issues that affect the province's sustainable economic development, the Khanh Hoa Department of Natural Resources and Environment has decided to deploy and install an environmental monitoring system combined with iLotusLand software to monitor the current state and changes in environmental quality, thus enhancing environmental monitoring and protection measures.
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Given the strong development of the industrial sector in Hai Phong City, to effectively manage and utilize natural resources and protect the environment, the first essential step is to have information about the environmental quality. Environmental monitoring is an indispensable tool in environmental management and protection. Therefore, the DONRE of Hai Phong has implemented the installation of a monitoring system combined with iLotusLand environmental monitoring data management software to synchronize the current status data system, monitor the quality and changes in the city's environment, enhance environmental monitoring and alert capabilities, and create an ideal clean and green environment.
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Quang Ninh is a locality with industrial production activities that are ranked in the top of the country, with many coal mines, cement factories, thermal power plants, ceramic factories, industrial parks and processing for export. At the same time it maintains a policy of balancing between the economy, the environment and the people living there. The Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Quang Ninh province is always interested in protecting the environment, monitoring waste sources from business units, promoting the installation of automatic monitoring stations, especially on so called “hot” points in the area and this all means there are currently nearly 148 monitoring stations installed.
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The ambient air monitoring station is a system of machinery and equipment capable of measuring and analyzing the quality of the ambient air environment using automatic, continuous methods and directly transmitting data to the management center, serving the state's environmental protection management work. The installation of an automatic ambient air monitoring station at the Luong Hoa landfill area is necessary and appropriate to the actual needs in environmental management and monitoring in the area.
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