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Merge all your environmental IoT data into one comprehensive tool and start using that data effectively.

Our Vision

iLotusLand is a cloud & subscription-based software solution, merging various types of sensor and device data into one comprehensive overview or output channels, for you and your customer.
iLotusLand is a SaaS product and can be deployed in both public as well as in a private cloud.
We are developing and have been deploying our software anytime, anywhere in the world since 2015.
Think of us as the Salesforce of IoT!
The iLotusLand Platform is an application platform that allows companies to effectively connect to multiple environmental IoT devices at the same time. With real-time stream processing and batch processing capabilities, users can have dynamic experiences and perform complex analytics. Environmental monitoring and the iLotusLand Platform can be used in many situations and industries, as shown below.
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