Chanh Duong Paper Company

Chanh Duong Paper Company
The Chanh Duong Paper company was established in 2003 in Binh Duong province, Vietnam. The Chanh Duong Paper Factory is a manufacturing company of packaging paper and is a part of the Kowloon Group – the second largest paper corporation in the world, headquartered in Dongguan, Guangzhou, China. Chanh Duong is an FDI enterprise, with investment capital from Taiwan and China. The company has a modern production line system specializing in producing industrial paper to serve the paper packaging industry for both the domestic as well as the foreign markets. The types of paper produced include packaging paper, industrial paper and the paper production for the brands Kraft and Testliner. The Chanh Duong paper factory is equipped with an automatic power supply line for the supply of steam and with the world’s most modern wastewater treatment system. It deploys 24/24 automatic monitoring on wastewater, exhaust and steam discharge, thus ensuring a stable, compliance to the standards before being discharged into the environment.
  • The quality of wastewater and exhaust gas needs to be guaranteed before being discharged into the environment, so it is necessary to have a strict management method based on data recorded by the automatic monitoring stations.
  • It is necessary to have a data management system to ensure the accuracy of data of all monitoring stations.
  • When there is data exceeding the threshold, because of the manual data collection it takes a substantial amount of time to confirm and make a processing decision.
  • For management, it is necessary to have an easy way to aggregate and process data.
  • Regulatory reporting takes a long time, because of the data collection and calculation. This easily leads to data misalignment and low accuracy.
  • Build software with features that play an important role in data management and monitoring.
  • Monitor and overview data by using charts and online data.
  • Have data alert and notifications by using colour and sound.
  • Export reported data as an Excel file and update available report templates according to regulatory requirements.
  • Immediate lookup functionality in historical data by applying specific filters.
  • Effective data monitoring by using software helps to track, detect, and warn at an early stage of risks and problems with the system. In doing so it also helps to make sure the quality of waste meets required standards before being discharged into the environment.
  • The software supports statistical reporting, collation, evaluation and comparison with the general situation from those reports.
  • Efficiently manage anytime, anywhere with a camera image tracking solution.
  • Security is optimized.
  • Easy to install and use.
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