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The impact of major recalls, increased consumer awareness, changing regulations and international standards is driving a shift in food safety and quality strategies. While the focus of food testing has traditionally been on raw materials and finished product, a preventive approach through testing the food processing environment can help identify and correct potential issues before they lead to a major problem or recall.
Our Solution
The food manufacturing industry requires speed and volume to be profitable. The powerful analysis and optimization tools IoT offers will allow machines to self-regulate and interact with other machines. Data no longer must be parsed and sorted by workers to create actionable insights but can now be leveraged immediately in production. iLotusLand provides those insights in an automated way and can give you the right feedback to adjust production levels or targets. It provides advanced data processing to plan supply roots and inventory so companies can make better, faster decisions.
Your Benefits
With the right environmental monitoring program, food safety moves toward prevention rather than reaction. Focusing on preventing contamination in the processing environment is a key strategy to protect consumers and avoid costly recalls in the tight-margin industry of food production.
Success Stories


Western – Saigon Beer company has been designed for a production capacity of 70 million liters of beer, in bottles of 450ml, per year and is a part of Sabeco, so Western – Saigon Beer Company has a solid foundation, further building on the achievements of Sabeco Their scope of business is the manufacturing and trading of all kinds of beer, wine, alcohol and soft drinks and the trading and processing of agricultural products to make the raw materials for beer, alcohol and soft drinks.

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Vietnam Dairy Products Company Vinamilk in Binh Duong has the largest dairy factory in Southeast Asia, with a total initial investment of about 120 million USD. The factory covers an area of 20 hectares in My Phuoc Industrial Park in the Binh Duong province. It is a factory specializing in the production of milk with, an initial capacity of 400 million liters/year. This will increase to 800 million liters/year, in order to meet the growing demand in the South in the next 5 years.

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Coca Cola

Coca-Cola is one of the most famous international brands in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh city is the headquarters of the company. Coca Cola Vietnam Beverage Co., Ltd. is a 100% foreign-invested company. With the intention of becoming a comprehensive, consumer-oriented beverage company, the company is constantly improving and providing a wide variety of quality and diversified soft drinks, including low-sugar and zero-sugar products. At the same time, the company looks for ways to diversify models and expand business coverage everywhere.

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