Ha Noi Department of Natural Resources and Enviroment
The Department of Natural Resources and the Environment in Hanoi is responsible and authorized for activities related to water resources, minerals, environment, hydrometeorology, remote sensing, publications and reporting and the application of information technology. Their work in this regard has a highly regulatory component.
  • With the total number of monitoring stations that are being managed close to 90, this poses a considerable challenge with regards to the monitoring data
  • To meet the needs of online data monitoring, it is necessary to have a way of displaying notification data when there is a fluctuation compared to the allowed threshold.
  • A solution that collects data manually from multiple sources is not effective when there is a need to generate repetitive reports.
  • The automatic transmission of monitoring data according to regulatory requirements is limited, and depends on human factors.
  • Gather all the stations’ data on the display interface, and show it with the corresponding threshold color, as set in the system.
  • Extract reports in Excel format based on available report templates, as prescribed by the regulators.
  • Remote sampling is done with a simple operation from the web or mobile platform.
  • Data, containing series of collected data, is transmitted quickly in TXT file format, and historical data can be reviewed.
  • Secured with 2-way authentication and passwords.
  • The software helps to update basic information for waste sources by managing data lists, configuration of system parameters, information of monitoring points, configuration of alarms and thresholds, …
  • Administrator functionality has the decentralized capability to manage, monitor and perform system maintenance.
  • Online data monitoring alerts when the data exceeds certain critical thresholds supports critical, timely, decision making…
  • Bring accuracy, and transpose certain values to reports that have predefined calculation formulas included.
  • The remote sampling solution contributes to providing more accurate verification of collected at any time.
  • The data transfer method is highly accurate and does not take too much time.
  • Optimize security.
  • The decentralized features are useful for monitoring and displaying the reports on a need-to-know basis, within the organization that is using the software.
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