Ho Chi Minh City Petroleum Company

Ho Chi Minh city Petroleum Company
Ho Chi Minh City Petroleum Company Limited (Saigon Petro Co., Ltd.) Is a 100% state-owned enterprise, reflecting the fact that it is owned by the Ho Chi Minh City authorities.
The company is one of the units that does the import, export and trading of petroleum and gas nationwide. The company operates in the following fields: the manufacturing, processing and trading of petroleum, bottled gas, gas tanks, buying and selling products that are processed from oil and gas, and leasing machinery and equipment for the oil and gas industry.
  • Continuous monitoring and the quality monitoring of exhaust gases still face difficulties in providing timely solutions when incidents occur.
  • It is necessary to have a way to receive notifications quickly when the data exceeds the threshold, and with manual monitoring, there is no accurate response to the situation, which in the end leads to many hidden errors.
  • Making reports based on collected data takes a long time, it is necessary to formulate a suitable calculation formula and template.
  • There is also no effective solution available to remotely monitor the status of the station.
  • The interface displays the data and the status of the measuring points with intuitive colors.
  • Charts are automatically set up, based on the recorded data.
  • A warning when the data passes beyond the set threshold is given with easily recognizable colors.
  • All information from the various measurement points is archived separately.
  • Features are applied in a decentralized way for multiple users.
  • The status can be monitored visually by camera.
  • Some report templates have pre-set calculation formulas and can be configured to print or export files automatically at custom time.
  • Delivers high monitoring efficiency, with the information display continuously updating data, thus ensuring the quality of exhaust gases from the factory meet output standards.
  • Timely alerts when there is a change, thus helping management to take timely measures as a response.
  • Supports the quick development of status reports, at desired frequencies, and saves time by providing high accuracy.
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