Hualon VietNam

Hualon Vietnam
Hualon Vietnam is a leading company in the world of production of fabrics and yarn. Main products of Hualon are yarn, knitting fabrics, rough fabrics (Gray Fabric) and finished fabric (dyed / Finished Fabric).
The constant innovation in production facilities and product quality give Hualon the best competitive advantage in this industry.
The production process of Hualon is under the regular supervision of international organizations, according to ISO 9001: 2000. In addition, the company’s products have been praised for their quality by international organizations.
  • It is difficult to control the quality of the waste water and comply with regulatory standards. Therefore, it is necessary to have a strict monitoring method.
  • The collected data is not managed effectively.
  • How can we receive passive alerts when there is an incident or there is a data fluctuation in the wastewater output of the factory.
  • A comprehensive assessment, based on combined reports, does not really accurately reflect the situation and takes a long time to produce.
  • The software displays a visual representation of all relevant data on one screen in real-time.
  • Flexible reports based on pre-set formulas, the automatic printing and exporting of files in Excel format, according to a preset schedule.
  • Set alarms based on thresholds for each parameter.
  • Allows choosing what functionality is available for each user account.
  • Control and use data effectively and at the same time closely monitor.
  • Reporting becomes a lot easier.
  • Increased security level.
  • Alert in time about the quality of the output water, and thus ensure a quick correction even when something goes wrong.
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