Phuoc Dong Industrial Park

Phuoc Dong Industrial Park
Phuoc Dong Industrial Park occupies an area of ​​up to 2,190 hectares and is located in a complex of 3,285 hectares. Located in the center of the country, connecting the Tay Ninh province with Ho Chi Minh City, Phuoc Dong Industrial Park has become more and more popular. With the advantage of being adjacent to major industrial centers in the South, Phuoc Dong Industrial Park is now the destination of many large domestic and foreign enterprises. Phuoc Dong Industrial Park is managed by Saigon Investment JSC – VRG, a subsidiary of Vietnam Rubber Industry Group. VRG is one of the leading corporations of Vietnam. It has extensive experience and a good reputation at home and abroad in fields such as exploitation, planting and processing of rubber latex, finance and banking, infrastructure development, energy mining.
  • Systematic monitoring is definitely not easy because of the quite large number of units managing and monitoring environmental data.
  • Basic tools like Excel spreadsheets are not enough to connect arrays of data together, making it difficult to build reports. At the same time it is also difficult to supply a timely and appropriate response to the various business needs in their required output data format.
  • The data warning signals can accurately, promptly and flexibly reach a supervising unit when they cross a threshold.
  • Within the recorded data output, the user is provided with a filter that allows searching by an optional time period. That filter can be saved and reused with subsequent queries.
  • The same software supplies a quick access to manage all subsidiaries, so information only goes to the necessary recipients.
  • Optimal professional security is ensured with a remote management solution, providing a visual check by using a camera.
  • Quickly get notified on the data status of the monitoring station  via web / mobile platforms (text, email, ..) without having to be there in person.
  • Track and monitor data by accurately displaying each measurement.
  • Combined data reporting: more efficient, meet the needs of many involved parties, bringing value not just to the operator.
  • Alert feature supports timely decision-making.
  • The camera is cost effective, easy to use, and offers the flexibility to monitor stations from anywhere at any time with just a mobile device.
  • The application of features for each sub-unit can be done from the same software interface.
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