iLotusLand Privacy

iLotusLand understands that customers are very concerned about how we guarantee the personal information you give to us will be kept confidential. iLotusLand commits fully to keeping that information confidential. iLotusLand makes sure we use customer information in a reasonable way, and only to continuously improve the quality of our service and give customers the best experience with our products. 

1. Purpose and scope of information collection 

To register for the use of iLotusLand’s software services, customers must register for an account and provide some information such as business name, address, tax code, contact person, phone number, email, and some other information. This part of the registration procedure helps iLotusLand to determine the correct contact information of customers to provide the right to use our software products and services. Also, this information will help iLotusLand to contact customers when they are using iLotusLand’s products and services. 

In addition to the required information marked *, you do not have to provide other optional information. However, this information will be very useful for iLotusLand when performing after-sales support and after-care services. It is only mandatory to fill out all required information during the creation process of your account so you can register to purchase products and services of iLotusLand

2. Scope of information usage 

iLotusLand commits to only use your information to: 

  • Manage and grant the rights to use software products and services that iLotusLand offers to customers. 
  • Contact and send notifications to customers when products or services have updates or changes. 
  • Send a notice inviting customers to register for product upgrades or service renewal when the end of service date is approaching. 
  • Implementation of after-sales care and support activities. 
  • Settlement of complaints and disputes. 

iLotusLand commits to not sharing customer information with any third party, except when requested by a competent government authority. 

3. Information storage period 

Customer information is important to input for iLotusLand to provision and manages the usage of our software products and services, so customer information will be stored during the period of usage of iLotusLand by that specific customer. 

4. Where can you reach us for any inquiries or questions 

Our address is: iLotusLand Vietnam Joint Stock Company, 9A Road No. 6, Quarter 4, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City. 

5. Commitment to protecting personal customer information 

iLotusLand commits to always apply strict measures to keep customers’ information confidential and prevent this information is stolen or accidentally disclosed. 

iLotusLand will not share, sell or distribute customer information to any third parties.