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Data from the monitoring station is still returned to the system but not displayed on the software? ( On premises )

September 18, 2023

💡 Check on the software: access Configuration —> Monitoring station see whether the station has configured the connection or not. If you have not yet accessed the connection to connect the station to the file that has been returned to the server.

Check the file receiving server: We check whether the file processing service is working or not as follows:

  • Open CMD running with admin rights and use the command pm2 log (id) to check whether the file processing service process is still running well and whether the returned file is processed or not. Note: id is just the serial number identifier of the file processing process.

  • If the process does not run, we use the command pm2 restart (id), then pm2 log (id) to continue checking whether the file has been processed and displayed on the software or not.

Note: If you check that the log file has been processed and moved to the post-processing folder but the software is still not available, check the connection above again.


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