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When the file reading service stops running or loses process, what do we need to do to restore the service?

August 22, 2023

You must be a system administrator and have access to the server receiving data.

When the process fails or is lost, it will display as shown below:



We need to perform the following steps:

Step 1: Open CMD and run administrator rights in the collector server.


Step 2: try the pm2 start (id) command: to run the stopped service again. Or the pm2 revive command to restore the service if progress is lost.

Step 3: use pm2 logs command to check that the service is running.


Note: When performing step 3 and the file processing service is still not working, you should use the command pm2 delete (id) to delete the current service. Then access the path containing the Source code with CMD and use the pm2 reload ecosystem.config.js command to initiate the new service. When following the above steps and still not working, you can send an email to the address [email protected] for further support

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