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How to create a new monitoring station?

September 18, 2023

💡 Go to menu Configuration → choose Monitoring station → choose Create new.


Steps to create a new monitoring station:

Step 1: Enter basic station information for the station;



1. Station name (required information).

2. Frequency (minutes/time) (information not required).

3. Select the station type.

4. Station operating date (optional information).

5. Station coordinates;

  • Longitude WGS84 (required information).
  • WGS84 latitude (required information).

6. Lost connection signal allows users to set signal update time.

Step 2: Connection for station;

  • Proceed to select the data type → data source in turn: select the data source of the monitoring station just created (the data source name is taken from the name of the txt file containing the data of the monitoring station transmitted by FTP protocol);
  • Corresponding parameters: allows selecting the corresponding parameters the user wishes to "mapping" with the parameters of the source connection.

Step 3: Configure thresholds for parameters.

  • At page Monitoring station configuration → Choose Edit station information;

Especially when selecting a set of standards for a station, the system will automatically assign the maximum and minimum threshold values ​​to that parameter position configured in the set of standards.

Step 4: Enter Other information (optional);


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