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How to check if the txt file sent to the system by an organization or business is processed and displayed on iLotusLand software?

August 22, 2023

Conditions: You must be a system administrator and have access to the data-receiving server.

Step 1: Access the data-receiving server.

Step 2: Open CMD with Administrator rights on the data receiving server


Step 3: Run pm2 commands to test the file processing service.

  • pm2 ls command: command to check whether the file processing service is still available or not.


pm2 log (id) command: checks the log to ensure the file processing service is still operating normally and identifies errors, if any. Note: id is just the identifier of the file processing process number, here I am 1 and because the system has only 1 file reading service, we only care about the name of the file reading service and then look up the corresponding ID number by command pm2 ls. As follows:


Through the logs command, we can see whether the file on the system is processed or not.

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