Quang Ninh DONRE

Quang Ninh Department of Natural Resources and Enviroment
The Quang Ninh Department of Natural Resources and Environment is a specialized agency assisting the provincial authorities of Quang Ninh in the management of natural resources and the environment, including land; water resources; mineral resources, geology; environment; hydrometeorology; effects of climate change; measurements and mapping.
  • With a large number of about 145 stations in the whole area the monitoring of waste sources is really difficult.
  • Data from waste sources is collected and analysed with a small amount of material, so the actual accuracy is not high.
  • To verify incidents by using collected data, use data to calculate applicable fees or regularly make reports according to the government’s regulations, creating a reliable data-set before actual publication takes a lot of time, resources and effort.
  • There is no supporting tooling available for the task of monitoring and storing data of periodical measurements by monitoring stations.
  • Implementing a number of reporting templates to be used on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, which each calculate results based on different characteristics certainly takes a long time.
  • The automatic transmission of monitoring data has to be done quickly as well, but most importantly in an accurate way, which can be difficult given a large amount of stored data.
  • Online management of data of all monitoring stations, using the same software interface with continuously updated data. Monitoring data is displayed in the form of data tables, visually with charts of many different formats.
  • Extracting statistical reports according to a certain timeline and processing average display data serves a variety of purposes.
  • Data alerts are available according to each monitoring indicator and device status, with both colour and sound.
  • The ability to remotely monitor via an IP video-feed with the camera solution.
  • An application that connects to remote sampling monitors quickly.
  • Management features, allowing the decentralization of management, monitoring and monitoring in the system.
  • Quick configuration settings enable easy data transfer via the file.
  • Store periodic monitoring data to ease managing and searching in a systematic way.
  • The warning feature helps the management unit to closely monitor and provide timely response solutions.
  • With the use of software, managing all waste sources becomes simpler, more efficient and saves time.
  • Monitor, receive alerts from waste source data anytime, anywhere with web platforms and on mobile (iOS / Androind).
  • It is not time-consuming to build reports with data, all are processed and calculated in the software.
  • Decentralized optimization according to administrative features with many users in the same system.
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