Western - Saigon Beer company
Western – Saigon Beer company has been designed for a production capacity of 70 million liters of beer, in bottles of 450ml, per year and is a part of Sabeco, so Western – Saigon Beer Company has a solid foundation, further building on the achievements of Sabeco Their scope of business is the manufacturing and trading of all kinds of beer, wine, alcohol and soft drinks and the trading and processing of agricultural products to make the raw materials for beer, alcohol and soft drinks.
  • The continuous inspection and monitoring of the quality of the output water to the wastewater treatment system, to do that and save time and to do it effectively is one of the problems that need to be resolved.
  • To meet the regulatory requirements as issued by the government, the development of reporting templates takes a lot of time and resources.
  • Finding a precise remote tracking solution is also an issue.
  • The storage and lookup of data take time and the accuracy is not high.
  • The number of people viewing and processing data has to be limited as well.
  • Monitoring of data via a custom display (initial data, processed data) in chart form or statistic table form.
  • Whenever the output water quality exceeds the threshold as set by the state agency a prompt alerted using color and sound is issued.
  • Reports have pre-set formulas from which it is easy to access custom data.
  • Look up data in a timeline search by keyword, which is an extremely simple operation.
  • Built a decentralized access structure, based on functionality for each user.
  • By combining online data and audio alerting, it is easier for customers to deal more quickly with data that is fluctuating over thresholds.
  • With a preset solution of frequently used reports, the fast creation and retrieval experience of a report has been simplified to just a few simple information selection steps.
  • Remote assistance with camera images makes it easy to verify incidents that have happened.
  • Information security based on user data access rights is also ensured.
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