Samsung Thai Nguyen Electronics

Samsung Thai Nguyen Electronics
Samsung is one of the leading electronics companies in the world, specializing in digital devices and devices, semiconductors, memory and system integration solutions. Samsung Vietnam Electronics Thai Nguyen (SEVT) received an investment license in March 2013, and went into operation in March 2014, with a factory located in Yen Binh Industrial Park, Thai Nguyen, with a total investment of $ 5 billion. Along with its factory in Bac Ninh, SEVT is one of Samsung’s largest global manufacturing facilities. Samsung is committed to bringing digital experiences that benefit people’s lives through innovative, high-quality technology products. With that ideal, Samsung is constantly striving and dedicating itself to innovation and sharing value widely among its partners and employees. Automotive healthcare and electronics are two of the many next areas of Samsung’s journey to innovation. SamSung Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd. Thai Nguyen is a mobile device assembly and component factory with 65,000 employees.
  • Constantly monitoring the wastewater quality of the plant and ensuring that the quality is according to government standards is an important issue that needs an optimal solution.
  • Aggregating data and making reports requires quite a bit of time and resources.
  • There is no quick response when data problems occur, it takes time to verify the problem and find a solution.
  • Storing and transferring data manually does not guarantee a good level of data integrity.
  • Data from the automatic wastewater monitoring station can be viewed online by the users, also displaying color-coded alarms with sound.
  • The overall report was developed with a number of reporting templates, based on the regulations issued by the government.
  • Data of the monitoring station is transmitted as a TXT file.
  • The usage of the various modules in the software can be specified and authorized per user account.
  • Optimal efficiency results in tighter management and monitoring of wastewater quality.
  • Based on pre-set reports in the software, managers can make accurate predictions and take related decisions quickly.
  • Alerts with the right frequency, solve problems and detect and process quickly when there is any abnormality reported by the data.
  • Data security is optimized.
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