Steam and industrial water

Industrial water treatment is an important mechanism that helps to optimize the efficiency of industrial processes including plant and equipment that use or involve water in some way. This can include the treatment of boilers and steam generating plant, cooling water systems and cooling towers, and closed circuit and closed loop heating and cooling systems.

Good industrial water treatment practices help to improve the reliability of plant and equipment, reduce operating costs and other serious risks to on-going operations, productivity, and health and safety.
Our Solution
A boiler system is the heart of many manufacturing facilities. Its energy filled arteries spread out in a dizzying array of pipes to supply steam heat to processes throughout the plant. Increasingly IoT sensors are used in plants to monitor boiler water blowdown, steam venting, steam leaks, and steam trap losses which are the biggest reasons for energy and water losses. Steam leaks and steam trap losses are particularly variable between plants and depend heavily on plant maintenance routines and monitoring. All this information can be collated and analyzed on the iLotusLand platform, preventing unnecessary losses and inefficient operations.
Your Benefits
Having good industrial water treatment practices will help to make sure that the water involved in each of the processes, and the systems themselves are always maintained in good condition. By doing so it is easier for you to comply with regulatory demands or prevent your equipment from failing prematurely.
Success Stories

Binh An Garment Textile Accessory J.S.C

The Binh An Textile Materials and Accessories JSC has an annual production capacity of over 20 million meters of finished fabrics, including dyed fabrics, flower prints, coloured fabrics and 800 tons of coloured yarns. This all makes Binh An Textile proud to be one of the best suppliers of textile materials in Vietnam. Through the quality of their products and their customer-focused service, Binh An has created an international market in countries such as the US, Japan, Australia, UK, Germany and Korea. At the same time, it has formed a supply chain of raw materials to textile companies in the domestic market.

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Vinatex International Textile Co., Ltd.

Vinatex International Textile Co., Ltd. (VIT) was established on June 2, 2015. It has its headquartered at the Dien Sanh Industrial Complex in Hai Lang town, in the province of Quang Tri. It is a joint venture with foreign companies, consisting of three members: Vinatex International, Phong Phu International and TOMS Company which is a Japanese enterprise. VIT specializes in manufacturing and trading textile products for export to Japan.

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Hualon VietNam

Hualon Vietnam is a leading company in the world of production of fabrics and yarn. Main products of Hualon are yarn, knitting fabrics, rough fabrics (Gray Fabric) and finished fabric (dyed / Finished Fabric).
The constant innovation in production facilities and product quality give Hualon the best competitive advantage in this industry.

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