Tan Hiep Water

Tan Hiep Water Plant
The Tan Hiep Water Plant is currently operating with a capacity of 250,000 m3 / day.The factory applies advanced technology, and is equipped with main machinery and equipment imported from the US, Germany and from Japan. Because it uses completely new automatic production technology, the Tan Hiep Water Plant annually also welcomes many domestic and foreign visitors to visit the factory to exchange and share experiences. An increasing number of students from are studying and doing internships on water management here. In 2017, the Tan Hiep Water Treatment Plant was recognized by the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association as a lead project.
  • The question was how to monitor the data status of the monitoring station in the best way so issues could be solved timely before they affected the plant’s operation.
  • Gathering data and making lots of reports takes time.
  • There was no integrated camera view and the location of stations on the base map for monitoring stations.
  • Queries on historical data based on data storage files was also necessary.
  • At the same time there is a need for strict management of access rights to view and edit data.
NMN Tân Hiệp
  • The overview page displays the data status in color and notifies when there are data threshold and device issues.
  • Data for each indicator is monitored, with a color according to the threshold that was set.
  • The report contains a pre-set formula, based on the original data from the automatic monitoring station, which has been retrieved as an Excel file.
  • The monitoring is based on tabular data, charts, camera feeds and remote sampling controls.
  • Depending on user needs alerts can be configured on both the web as well as for mobile platforms.
  • Access to the software system is based on a functional authorization matrix.
  • The software provides a solution for obtaining monitoring data, updated continuously at a specific frequency and with high accuracy.
  • The camera solution ensures images that are easily interpreted and verified.
  • Easily export data and generate reports quickly.
  • As more monitoring stations are deployed, monitoring by using our software becomes easier and more optimal.
  • The security and decentralized data access are optimized.
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