Vicem – Ha Tien Cement

Vicem Ha Tien Cement Company
Vicem Ha Tien Cement Company is always working together with Vietnamese builders. Products bearing the famous Ky Lan Xanh logo are present in almost all civil and industrial projects throughout the South. With two initial facilities and after 55 years of development, Vicem Ha Tien 1 Cement JSC has become the largest cement manufacturing company in the South and of the Vietnam Cement Industry Corporation. Vicem Ha Tien 1’s distribution network includes 50 main units and more than 10,000 stores spread across the southern market, bringing cement to customers in the most convenient way. Currently the company operates in a clean and green environment, with a designed capacity of 7,300,000 tons of cement per year with 2 factories and 4 grinding stations.
  • With modern automatic continuous emission monitoring systems in all factories and grinding stations continuously monitoring emission indicators 24/24 hours, it is necessary to build a basic set of environmental standards, with indicators lower than government regulations.
  • It is necessary to have solutions in place to promptly detect violations, in order to ensure appropriate output data and to be able to timely react.
  • When building reports, it is necessary to collect data from different data sources, which can lead to confusion. Collecting and collating the data takes too long for each request, and it doesn’t have high accuracy, making it difficult to compare data.
  • It is necessary to manage to have a decentralized access matrix for each unit to ensure confidentiality of information.
  • The system, based on the entered parameters, displays the values continuously in real-time, distinguishing for the various threshold values by color.
  • Data collected by the software will automatically be processed, put together and analyzed, and converted into general reports, according to newly built reporting criteria.
  • The features are decentralized according to each function for each user account within the same organization.
  • Remotely manage the monitoring stations that are collecting data to easily look up and change information.
  • Putting reports together is simple, fast and accurate, a comparison of results can be obtained quickly.
  • Thanks to data alerts that help detect any threshold breakages, the units responsible for handling those are informed quickly.
  • Save as much time as possible on the entry and retrieval of data, while maintaining high accuracy.
  • Allows to set up access permissions on specific features for each individual user. Serve many departments with a multi-unit, multi-user model.
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